Kate Priestman is a freelance writer based in the UK, specialising in ecology and conservation.

Kate has spent over eighteen years working to conserve biodiversity; seeking to achieve effective integration between the needs of wildlife and natural systems, and those of human development. She is passionate about communicating conservation/ecological issues and scientific research to others, raising awareness and support for the work of organisations, researchers, and ecology specialists – engaging, inspiring and educating through compelling writing.

Kate began her career as a professional ecologist and spent over a decade working in London for two prestigious consultancies at a senior level – providing the lead ecology role for a number of high profile projects. She set up her own business in 2012, which allowed Kate to pursue her other passions of writing and art.

Kate is co-founder, writer and editor of Inside Ecology magazine – a leading online magazine for ecologists, conservationists and wildlife professionals.  Kate has also written two ecology-based children’s books to date and is currently writing her third book – the second in the Ember Tor series.

You can find examples of Kate’s writing HERE and find out more about her writing services HERE.