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My name is Kate Priestman and I’m a freelance writer and proof-editor, based in the UK. I specialise in nature and ecology, with a general interest in the countryside and the outdoors.

A career as a professional ecologist, has provided me with a strong knowledge-base for writing about the subjects I am passionate about. In addition, I co-founded and edited a leading online ecology magazine for a number of years.

When I am not writing or proof-editing, I work as a wildlife and pet portrait artist.



Specialising in ecology, wildlife and nature conservation.


Specialising in ecology, wildlife and environment sectors.


Remote, desk-based ecology support for consultancies.


I specialise in ecology, wildlife and nature conservation. In addition to editorial content and science writing, I also offer nature writing with a more creative flavour. 

Services include the following:

  • articles and posts for websites, blogs, magazines and newsletters;
  • conservation communications – persuasive, well-reasoned and compelling material that is targeted appropriately for the specified audience;
  • distilling research papers into accessible articles with an appropriate level of detail and technicality for the audience.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to discuss your ideas further – you can get in touch via the Contact form below.

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I undertake proofreading/proof-editing of documents, website copy … in fact any written content. I can work with pdf files or Word documents, and I specialise in the ecology and environmental sectors.

Proofreading or proof-editing – what’s the difference?

In a nutshell, proofreading identifies basic ‘typos’ and grammatical errors, whilst proof-editing comprises a more detailed review that typically includes a number of additional checks.

Ecology, Nature, Wildlife, Conservation


I have twenty years experience as an ecologist (CEnv, MCIEEM) and offer the following services:

  • remote, desk-based ecology support, such as report writing, license applications and data-analysis;
  • technical report review and proof-editing: a confidential, cost effective report review service for freelance ecologists and consultancies. It is invaluable to have an experienced eye to check things over before submitting a report to a client;
  • report template review/development;
  • writing for a blog, news page or newsletter – I have significant experience of working in and writing about your sector.

I’d love to discuss your requirements further. You can get in touch via the Contact form.