Autumnal magic

Simply stunning start to the day as the fields cocooning the house, blushed with pleasure at the scarlet sunrise.

I set out early for a walk with my four-pawed companion. The heavy air wound around our shoulders, wrapping us in the season’s earthy scents. The trees across the valley have reached a crescendo of colour. Non more so than the larch, whose branches drip with fronds of gold.

Mid-morning, the front garden was transformed into a scene from a Walt Disney movie. A charm of goldfinch in vermilion masks swooped from tree to tree. Redwings bathed extravagantly in the dark pond water before retreating to the borders to hunt for food. Greenfinch swayed atop rusted docks, whilst sparrows and chaffinch foraged along the gravel driveway. Blue tits darted above black-capped coal tits that skulked in the shrubbery. In the corner of the garden, a leaden-blue nuthatch scuttled around the trunk of a maple, it’s dagger-like bill probing for food beneath a lurid canopy. Blackbirds plucked jewels from the arms of holly trees, under the scornful gaze of a robin.

As the bruised daylight gave way to the grainy light of dusk, the white ghost left its roost in the old barn. Pausing on top of a gnarled fence post to survey its territory, it glided silently over greyed fields, as bats romped overhead.

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