Online Ecology Presentations

Having run a number of ecology training workshops over the years, it is really exciting to launch an online series of presentations. The first few represent the areas I have been asked to provide advice and training on in recent years.

My first presentation relates to report writing. The ability to produce a report that is robust and well-written is a skill that may not come naturally, requiring practice and a methodical approach to ensure consistency in quality. My “Introduction to report writing” is perfect for those who are new to ecology consultancy, as well as more seasoned ecologists who want to sharpen their report writing skills.

There often comes a time in an ecologist’s career when they consider setting up on their own. In my presentation “Going solo – freelance ecologist“, I discuss a whole range of considerations regarding going freelance, based on my own experience of setting up a successful consultancy business.

The third presentation, “So you’d like to be an ecologist?“, is aimed at those who are just starting out on their ecology career path. It provides an insight into the role of an ecologist, the highs and lows, and ways to get a foot on the ladder in a highly competitive industry.

It has been great fun making these presentations to date. I have two more in the pipeline for the immediate future so keep checking the page for updates.

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