Nature Diary

Although I limit my paper usage to the bare essentials, I have the potential to be a bit of a stationery geek. I just love the feeling of opening a new notepad; the sense of anticipation as the pen hovers over the unblemished page, and the self-imposed pressure that what I am about to write must be of some weight and be delivered in my best handwriting (no mean feat I can assure you).

There is something about noting things down by hand that simply isn’t replicated when typing on a computer; a different way of the brain processing things somehow. I always write things down by hand when I am brainstorming or problem solving, it allows my mind to develop ideas in a more creative way, it also means that I tend to remember things more easily too.

My newest notebook is in use as a nature diary, the entries of which will feed into other projects further down the line. I find that having this notepad close to hand when I’m out in the garden, on a walk with our four-pawed family member, or generally out-and-about, has made me even more observant than I was previously. It has been quite a revelation in terms of being present with the daily changes of the season, which it can be easy to miss. A real awareness of the detail of the present moment, and how much this changes in 24/48 hours.

I only started the diary a few weeks ago, but already it is a joy to flick back through its pages and remind myself of all that has passed so far. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds and what I will observe over the coming months.

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