Short story

Last week I wrote my first short story. Having been drawn to writing books, when it comes to fiction (my own and ghostwriting), short stories have so far been off my radar somewhat – although I do regularly enjoy reading them.

I wrote with a particular publication in mind, so spent the first part of my foray, pouring over their guidelines and tips. Then it was onto the writing. I had a broad concept, but as usual, the characters took on a life of their own and had their own say in the matter of where the story was heading – always an exciting feeling.

The style of writing was also new for me and meant quite a lot of time spent pre-reading other stories in that genre, in order to get my head into the writing space. Being mindful of the word constraints too, meant ensuring that my story had a proper plot (beginning, middle and end), without being overly complicated. I opted for one setting and a total of four characters.

The conclusion being that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. I liked the discipline of keeping things tight, I enjoyed writing in a new style, and overall found it to be lots of fun.

After sleeping on it, I returned to it the next day to smooth out any bumps etc. and feeling happy with it, sent it off to the publication.

I won’t hear whether it has been accepted for several months, but the outcome of that is secondary to the enjoyment and learning experience I gained from the exercise. It has definitely sparked a flame to go on to write more short stories, so watch this space!


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