April 2020

Wednesday 29 April 2020
Ramsons are spreading luxuriously across shaded areas at the feet of soaring trees. Their pungent fragrance rising in waves above the white star-like flowers that cluster in umbels, and fleshy leaves.



Monday 27 April 2020
Ferns are unfurling — as if by magic, tightly coiled stems reveal soft-green fronds. A living fossil, unmistakable in its form.




Also present in shaded areas is the elegant garlic mustard. Small, white flowers cluster atop elegant stems, around which, heart-shaped leaves wrap themselves.




Friday 24 April 2020
Ribwort plantain rear out of the verges on leafless stems, lending an architectural quality to the grassland. Ribbed leaves circle their feet in a rosette.




Tuesday 21 April 2020
Cherry blossom is in full bloom at the moment. Heavy clusters of pale-pink flowers cling on doggedly to slender branches in the spring breeze. Only here for a brief time, the pleasure they provide is immeasurable.



Sunday 19 April 2020
The beautiful purple-flowered violet is present in the garden. Low growing and delicate with long stalks and heart-shaped leaves, they are a real treat to see.




Sunday 12 April 2020
The delicate form of cuckooflower appears in the wet grassland down the lane. Pale-pink flowers on willowy stems with narrow leaflets. They cluster together sociably.





Broom is also coming into flower. Yellow flower buds decorate the long stems before they burst open and release their exquisite scent that perfumes the whole garden.




The stunning dandelion is out in force – sunshine in flower form, their large, beautifully-detailed flowers provide a noisy splash of colour to the verges.




Wednesday 8 April 2020
Marsh marigold are setting the garden alight next to the ponds, with their glorious sepals on display.

The dark-green, kidney-shaped leaves a stunning contrast to the waxy-gold flowers and robust stalks.


Tuesday 7 April 2020
The garden continues to explode with colour, gathering momentum with each day as the weather warms.

Scilla have been added to my sketchbook this morning. Blue star-like flowers on fine stems sway elegantly in a shaded patch of ground, next to one of the dry stone walls.

A member of the lily family, these plants have three petals and three sepals that are the same colour, thus appearing to be six-petalled. Their narrow leaves rise up from the base of the plant.

Monday 6 April 2020
At last, the eagerly awaited opening of the snake’s head fritillary flower has finally happened.

I adore this graceful plant – willowy stems support the distinctive purple and cream chequerboard flowers.

Sunday 5 April 2020
Finally the tulips are beginning to open – a warm day has charmed the scarlet flowers into displaying their stunning beauty.

The resultant sketch has been added to the flower buds drawn in March.


Also in flower are violet-blue periwinkles. Slender stems support the open flowers, which are set off perfectly by the leathery green leaves.






Saturday 4 April 2020
The unforgettable forget-me-not is taking over the garden’s borders with characteristic exuberance.

Its delicate flowers – shades of blue and pink – with their sunny centre, will develop into frothing waves of colour over the coming weeks.

In addition, the glorious lesser celandine is also coming into flower. Stars of bright yellow pepper the ground beneath the apple trees. Dark green, heart-shaped leaves form a tangled backdrop beneath their slender stems.