March 2020

Monday 30 March 2020
Tulips are emerging. Their dark, downy stems are surrounded by fleshy leaves that lounge languidly with a pleasing abundance. Smooth sepals form a protective shield around petals, their muted appearance a ruse to the explosion of colour within.

A blank space in the centre of the page has been set aside to accommodate a sketch of the open flower when it finally bursts forth.

In addition to tulip, the glorious snake’s head fritillary is also making an appearance. My favourite spring flower; even at this early stage, its purple chequerboard pattern is apparent. Elegant in its form, with slender stems and graceful leaves, I adore them.





Thursday 26 March 2020
Foxglove were added to my sketchbook this morning – glaucous and lime leaves are steadily pushing upwards.

I’m eagerly anticipating their stunning flowers, which will follow in a few weeks time.


Wednesday 25 March 2020
Honesty is surging into flower in the borders. Confident in stature the dark stems protrude from the soil, setting off the emerald-green of the leaves to perfection.

The forthright flowers are a striking contrast to the papery seed-pods that follow – an eagerly awaited sprinkle of childhood nostalgia.



Wednesday 18 March 2020
Hazel catkins can be found hanging elegantly from slender branches at this time of year; pale yellow in colour, they house the male flowers – up to 240 in number on a single catkin – patiently awaiting wind-blown pollination.

The female flowers exhibit a quieter presence nearby and when pollinated, will develop into the hazelnut – much loved by dormice and squirrels, among others.


Saturday 14 March 2020
Snowdrops and primrose were added to my sketchbook today. The snowdrops are liberally scattered around the countryside at the moment; their demure flower-heads cluster together in sociable groups.

The primrose appear less bashful than the snowdrops. Their yellow and white flowers show an open and honest face to the world, above a messy clump of softly-wrinkled leaves and downy stalks.

Sunday 8 March 2020
Couldn’t resist adding the beautiful daffodil to my sketchbook this afternoon. As if a light has been switched on in the borders, they mirror the sun’s strengthening rays.

These flowers have such a unique and recognisable form, and are such an iconic symbol of the season, I just had to record them.

Saturday 7 March 2020
Spring is in full-flow at the moment with the addition of crocus to the garden. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon sketching these delicate, but vibrant flowers and it was fascinating to notice the intricate and fine veining of the petals.

I love the early spring foliage. It is so fresh in texture and colour, and the delicacy of form in relation to these early plants is a joy.