May 2020

Monday 11 May 2020
Welsh poppy add their sunny yellow to the verges at the moment. Crumpled petals sway gently on graceful stems.




Friday 8 May 2020
Apple blossom is finally in bloom on our windy hill top. Glorious pale-pink and cream flowers with a sunny centre, sit against deep-pink buds and crinkle-edged leaves.



Tuesday 5 May 2020
The unmistakable cornflower is showing off its blue florets with gusto at the moment. Sturdy stems support narrow leaves and this perennial cornflower — a frequent garden escapee — forms robust clumps.



Saturday 2 May 2020
Bugle has appeared in shady spots around the garden — squat and robust in stature. Powder-blue/purple flowers are delicate in form and nestle against dark oval leaves.