So you’d like to be an ecologist?

If you’re considering ecology consultancy as a career path, this is the presentation for you.

In this thirty-minute presentation I provide an overview of what the role of an ecologist comprises, I then provide a flavour of the type of clients and projects that an ecologist may encounter, before looking in more detail at the pros and cons of the role; in the final section, I discuss ways to get a foot on the ladder in this highly competitive industry.

You can find the presentation intro below (click on ‘HD’ – bottom right-hand corner of the presentation screen – for high-definition viewing):

Who is it aimed at?
This presentation is suitable for anyone who is thinking about ecology consultancy as a career path.

What doesn’t it cover?
The presentation provides an overview of the industry based on my experience of working as a consultant ecologist for over sixteen years. It is not intended to comprise professional career advice.

How does it work?
Think of the presentation as a recorded webinar, whereby on a suitable day (determined by you), I will provide you with a link and a one-time password which will allow you to access the presentation. As the presentation is pre-recorded, you will be able to pause the video to make notes as often as required.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

It costs £6.99 to access the presentation, which can be purchased via the button below (please allow up to 24 hours to receive your link and one-time password):

So you’d like to be an ecologist? — Introduction to the industry

Thirty-minute online presentation.