I undertake proofreading/proof-editing of documents, website copy … in fact any written content. I can work with pdf files or Word documents.

In a nutshell, proofreading identifies basic ‘typos’ and grammatical errors, whilst proof-editing comprises a more detailed review that typically includes a number of additional checks, such as:

consistency; numbering; headings; lists; order; tables/figures/photos; illustrations; labelling; captions; word breaks; references; footnotes and endnotes; notes; appendices; embedded links; contradictions; ambiguity; duplications and omissions; factual errors; coherence; appropriate language for the intended reader; appearance/layout; and, adherence to the house style guide (where applicable).


“The review service provided by Kate Priestman has been incredibly valuable to us over the last year … her proofreading is extremely thorough – providing excellent feedback and advice in the process. Her service represents excellent value for money.”  

“I was very happy with the review work you did for us. I think your input was very insightful and gave me added confidence in the report.” 

“I recently used Kate Priestman’s review service and I highly recommend it.”

“Highly recommended. Always impressed with the comments and quick turnaround!”

Interested in my proofreading/proof-editing service?  You can get in touch via the Contact page.